33 Reasons To Get Yourself to Budapest (Photos)

Budapest is fastly becoming one of the top European destinations to visit, and I can see why. I spent 10 months living in this beautiful city and what I can tell you is that you need to see it. It has the style of Paris and the atmosphere of Berlin’s nightlife but without the pretentiousness.

I feel it has become the epicentre of young tourism, accommodating the budget travelling, wanderlust-filled backpackers of the world. It may have become a stag and hen party hotspot, but Budapest ain’t just good for cheap booze, there are so many more reasons to go, 33 reasons actually…

33. For a holiday destination it’s great if you’re on a budget

32. It’s Hella Romantic for Anyone Looking for a Getaway with that Special Someone

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31. It’s Jam-Packed Full of History

30. And Questionable Statues

29. Walking By The Danube is A Must

26. Have the Nicest Bath of your Life

25. The Baths are also stunning inside

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24. Dancing in Fógasház

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23. The Traditional Food is Yummy

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22. There’s Like A Million Great Places to Stay

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21. Pàlinka – The Deadly Spirit

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20. Not to mention Unicum is just as worse

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19. It’s Gorgeous in both Winter

18… And Summer

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17. A Picnic on Liberty Bridge is okay, I guess…

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16. Kürtőskalács gives your stomach the fuzzy feels

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15. And I’m pretty sure Lángos was designed for hangovers

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14. Sziget is also one of the best music festivals ever to grace the European Continent

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13. But if you’re a true dance lover hit up Balaton Music Festival

12. St. Stephen’s Basilica is about one of the best damn looking Basilicas in Europe

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11. The view from the top ain’t bad either

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11. The market at SzimplaKert on Sundays is a must!

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10. Actually, Szimple itself is awesome

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9. The Central Market is full of traditional Hungarian stuff, like lots and lots of salami

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8. Also Hungarian wine is an art form

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7. The No.2 tram ride has been voted the most beautiful tram ride ever

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6. Coffee at New York Café is NOT a bad way to spend an afternoon

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5. Walks down Andrassy Utca. ain’t bad either

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4. The street art is pretty gnarly

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3. And they have spectacular Synagogues

2. You can even go back in time and visit Memento Park


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1. Getting Lost In The Buda Castle Gardens

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There you have it folks! I truly hope you get to witness the vibrancy that Budapest offers, see its wonderful buildings, and just have the time of your life like I did.

Lazy Gal Out

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