7 Free Things To Do in Berlin

Berlin’s tourism industry has been booming in the past 10 years, and with that so has the price of tours, sights and attractions. But what if I told you that there are several ways to explore and absorb the city, for free. 

Awesome right? But how do you know this isn’t a string of obvious solutions? Well having worked as a tour guide in Berlin, living and breathing in the city, I’ve discovered the best tracks and trails to prove you don’t need much money to experience Berlin at its best.

7. Take a Wander Through Tiergarten

Tiergarten is Berlin’s city centre park which stretches over a massive area of 5km2, giving you plenty of space to take in some serious nature. Tiergarten also hosts wondrous wildlife like moles, hawks and even boars. You can take any number of routes too: from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, from S-Bahn station Bellevue through to the Zoo in the west of the city.

6. Stroll Around Mauerpark Sunday Market


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Mauerpark market takes place every Sunday from 9am until 6pm. Both appetising to the eyes and ears, Mauerpark market is a glorious combination of vintage clothing, miscellaneous objects, live music and international food. Entry is free!

5. Spot Street Art

#Traveltip: keep an eye out for #XoooX girls across Berlin’s crumbling walls. The purpose of this project? Street artist XoooX uses a stencil, spray and decaying surfaces to portray the message of fading beauty. It may seem like being externally beautiful is all that matters in our society, but this project is here to remind us that what’s on the inside counts too. I love looking behind the paint on the wall to discover what the street art is trying to tell us #Lovestreetart. #Berlin #Travelblogger #Lazygaltravels #Travel #StreetArt #Girl #IchliebeBerlin #Germany #Deuschland #Travel #Instagram #Photo #Travelgram #TraveltheWorld #TravelEurope #Wanderlust #Wanderer #Gotravel #World #Europe #Happy #StayCurious #Urban #Art #Winter #RTW #Discover #Berlinstagram A photo posted by Lazy Gal Travels (@lazygaltravels) on

Berlin is an international street art hub! Whether you’re arriving by bus, train or plane the first you’ll notice about the city is that it is covered in street art. It’s a part of Berlin’s artistic, open-minded culture. One of my personal favourite projects are these figurines constructed from corks called yogis! You can spot them on top of the street signs across Berlin. 

4. Take In Berlin’s Historic Sights


You can figure out a route yourself or you can hop on one of the many free tours companies across Berlin! Keep in mind however, although the tour is advertised as free the guide only makes money from tips, so tip how much you feel the tour was worth.

3. Enjoy Musical Acts On Warshauerbrücke

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There’s always at least one act on Warshauerbrücke, whether it be a band, an Irish rapper (oh yeah) or a random guy with a speaker and a trumpet. You never really know what to expect, but hey it’s free and another great way to take in Berlin in its authentic form.

2. Take in the View from Viktoriapark


Head down to the uber-trendy neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. Home to some of Berlin’s best bars and clubs, tucked down past the busy main street of Mehringdamm you’ll discover this stunning small park. Climb to top for the best panoramic view of Berlin, with no hefty entrance fee.

1. Walk the East Side Gallery

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This 2km stretch of wall is the largest remaining section of the Berlin wall. Along you’ll see both street art and graffiti portraying famous moments from the history of the Cold War, community inspired pieces and artistic designs. It’s completely free to visit and explore.

My recommendation? Get off the S-Bahn at Ostbahnhof where you’ll spot the East Side Gallery across the road, follow it all the way down to the bridge (Oberbaumbrücke) where you can explore the area of Friedrichshain or hop across to Kreuzburg.

There you have it folks. Remember seeing the world doesn’t mean you need all the money in the world, just a decent budget which you know will keep you fed, warm and on your feet!

Lazy Gal Out

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