About Me – Lazy Gal Travel Blog

About Me – Lazy Gal Travel Blog

Oh hello there,

I’m flattered you’d like to know more my travel blog and I.

Since I don’t want to keep you here for days I’ll give you the creme de la creme of what you need to know.

I’m Caddy, creator of Lazy Gal Travels and content extraordinaire. I have been travel writing since 2014, having visited over 20 countries since. The next year I found myself with all these travel tips and destinations insights so I decided to start a travel blog.

I define Lazy Gal Travels as a no BS travel blog aimed to inspire and give insights to others who want to travel the world. I don’t enjoy fluff content so I do not publish anything that isn’t 100% concrete for my readers.

Work with me – I like people 🙂

Want to work with me? Or maybe just have some travel questions you want to be answered? Throw me an email at lazygaltravels@gmail.com.

Some quick facts about the Lazy Gal behind the travels

Where are you from? Dublin, Ireland.

Why did you call your travel blog Lazy Gal Travels? Because I’m lazy and I like vowels.

What’s your best lazy travelling tip? The key to packing last minute is to make a list of what you need. 3 days = 3 pairs of underwear, repeat for different items. Boom. Done.

What’s your travel pet peeve? Unprepared passengers at the security check.

Favourite European city break? I’ve got a lot of love for Lisbon.

Least favourite city break? Brussels. But that’s just my opinion.

No.1 place on the wishlist? Ooooh… This changes a lot. I think in my heart it’s always been New York City. Which I’m visiting in October for the first time! *Internal screaming*

The best thing you spent money on while travelling? €150 on pastries in Paris over the course of 5 days. No, I don’t regret a pain au chocolat.