About Me

catherine munnelly

Lazy Gal Travels is a travel blog created by me, Catherine Munnelly. I have travelled many lands, have taken many long train journeys and have taken advantage of many budget airlines. Not only are my feet restless when it comes to staying in one place, I have a longing to travel as far and as much as I can.

Now 24, I began travelling at the age of 16 and have since gone on to visit over 20 countries, living independently in 3 European cities, with the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people along the way. By trade I am a social media and content marketer, with a B.A in English Literature & Drama Studies from UCD. In the three years since graduating university I have worked with many start-up companies with topics ranging from lifestyle & culture, meditation, wellness, and of course, travel!

Along with working with online media, I have also taken the shape of a pub crawl guide, working across three European cities, tour guiding, assistant operations manager for an international tour company, and now a travel blogger too.

Travel and online media are my two greatest passions, so in my mind, why not combine them? I believe that travelling offers you experience you just can’t get from your comfort zone. It opens your mind to new culture, strengthens you as an individual and opens doors into opportunities you never would have expected.

Lazy Gal Travels is a travel blog aimed to inspire others to travel the world, but in a realistic manner. There is no obvious travel tips, dressing up a shotty attraction in ribbons or falseness behind facts to ensure my readers get the most authentic travel information and advice.

Care to contact me? Write to Catherine Munnelly at lazygaltravels@gmail.com with any questions or queries you may have. In the meantime, check out my @lazygaltravels on Instagram to get inspired to travel the world!