Berlin Street Art Guide: Berlin’s Yogis

Berlin Street Art Guide: Berlin’s Yogis

Berlin is known for many many things; being the centre of powerful empires, being bombed to bits throughout WW2, people wearing latex in daylight. But the first thing you’ll realise when arriving into Berlin is the copious amount of street art. If you, like me, assumed the city was full of angsty teenagers then you are wrong.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Berlin is a big deal in the street art world. A world which you see sprayed on abandoned buildings, bus stops, in doorways and so forth. Some of us interpret street art as artistic mumbo jumbo, an act of hooliganism and destroying our public space.

Let’s look at that term. “Public space” is usually flooded with advertisements, billboards and posters. So really we as citizens actually accept public space as free commercial space essentially. Street artists see public space as a communal space to spread messages of concern, of love and social issues. This is the philosophy of street art. 

All over Berlin you’ll find murals concerning global warming, capitalism, and the cruelty of the human race. The vast majority of street artists and pieces of street art are tackling issues they feel isn’t getting enough promotion.

All in all, street art can be a very dark world when you really think about. It makes you question the world we live in and opens your eyes to different issues. But not all street art is so serious. 

Street art can be playful, it can make you smile and it can even bring you luck. Meet Berlin’s Yogis.

Cute aren’t they? These little fellows started popping up atop street signs since 2009 (apparently), although that could have been when people started noticing them. Made of cork and skewers, it goes to show that not all street art is done with spray cans and stencils.

But why are these adorable little fellows called Yogis? Simples. It’s because the majority of them are in yoga positions! The idea originated in London, a street artist named Slinkachu, a yoga instructor, set these little figurines on street signs across London.

Years later they started popping up in Berlin. Rumoured to be the result of a few creative souls and a dozen bottles of wine.

As time went on Yogis appeared in new positions, like dancing, hugging and skateboarding. You can find them all over Berlin, but you have to keep an eye out for them!


Bonus tip: according to local belief if you spot a Yogi then you will have good luck for the rest of the day. When you think about it, it’s funny how something so small can have such an impact on a local culture.

So there you have it guys next time you’re in Berlin keep your eyes peeled for these little fellows. I hope they’ll put a smile on your face, as they do with me!

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