The Cosiest Cafés in Berlin

The Cosiest Cafés in Berlin

Before you go any further, in this article I don’t run through the obvious “hipster” coffee places in Berlin (looking at you The Barn). I don’t have anything against hipster cafés in general, but sometimes I long for something beyond the anti-norm. This article is for those looking for a warm cup of coffee without the old furniture, candlelit-rooms and light techno-music on Sunday mornings. It’s time for traditional cosiness, and the time is now. 

The trouble is, it’s quite hard to find a large selection of cafés in Berlin with the precise traditional cosiness I am speaking about. After much research, I found these were the top 3 coffee places in Berlin I would recommend.

Bikini Berlin

Closest station: S+U-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten.

Berlin is known for being a city which supports the quirky, the independent and the different. Bikini Berlin is a shopping centre that offers just that. The commercial centre promotes non-franchise business, so there are a ton of independent cafés to grab a cuppa. But where is the cosiest place to curl up in Bikini Berlin? Besides the monkeys of course.

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I ain’t monkeying around (sorry not sorry), the commercial space has massive windows with pillows provided so you can park your bum and watch the baboons go by. It’s also a great way to see some animals without having to pay for entrance to Berlin Zoo. Which is a win-win if you ask me.

Einstein Kaffee Stammhaus

Closest station: U-Bahn station Nollendorfplatz.

Now there are a number of these cafés in Berlin – practically every street corner in Mitte has one of these spots. But the original Kaffee Einstein isn’t your typical pumpkin spiced latte. Think more like rich coffee, several tiers of cakes and, of course, the best apple strudel in town.

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Not to mention the café is in an old villa, located in one of Berlin’s used-to-be rich neighbourhoods. Sadly it’s the only place I’ve seen in Berlin that holds this grandeur character. The booths are perfect for curling up, or reading with a newspaper and looking like a thespian. You can actually borrow a newspaper to enjoy your coffee. Kaffee Einstein Stammhaus gives your zero excuses to not act classy.

The prices were a little higher, I think I paid €3.60 for a cappuccino, but to be fair, it did not disappoint. There is also a large selection of hot drinks on offer so don’t think you have to have a coffee to enjoy this space. If you get the chance, ask to see the library. The hidden gem of the café not only holds some old books, but it’s also where the strudel scene was filmed in Inglorious Bastards.

If you planning on bringing all of your squad to Kaffee Stammhaus during the busy hours (like brunch) then I would recommend reserving a table. Don’t worry about the language barrier either, the staff can speak and understand English. You can find their phone number on their website.

Princess Cheesecake

Closest station: U-Bahn station Weinmeisterstrasse.

Not only a haven for cheesecake lovers but a sanctuary for delicious hot beverages. The pretty and sophisticated coffee and cake café is rarely empty, and it’s easy to see why. Their selection of hugs in mugs include the regular latte, milchkaffee, espresso, but if you really want to experience nirvana, then try their white hot chocolate.

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And fellas do not be deterred by the particularly over the top feminine decor. Yes, it’s girly. But swallowing your macho-manliness will be rewarded with the best darn cheesecake in town.

Got any cosy cafés for me? Let me know you’re favourite Berlin café in the comments. 🙂


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  1. Berlin is my absolute dream city ! I’m so glad u did a post on it ! I heard that the cafes and bakeries there are out of this world! Starbucks can take a break lol

  2. The cafes you showed us looked very cozy and attracted my attention. I’ll make sure to visit those, when I managed to make it to Berlin one day.

    I’ve never enjoyed coffee in any spot except my very own house.

  3. These look so unique and amazing. It’s so easy to run into a chain shop to grab a quick fix, but when you want to slow down and really enjoy it, it’s places like these that really make it special!

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