Lazy Gal Travels Top Solo Female Destinations – Europe

Lazy Gal Travels Top Solo Female Destinations – Europe

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So I was reflecting the other day about all the places I’ve been to, places I’ve been with friends and places I’ve ventured alone. Truth be told the majority of European cities are safe for anyone to travel to, not just the girls!

I recommend if you’re going traveling by yourself for the first time you should visit one of these wonderful destinations below. Each city has its own beauty, its own history and I found to feel safe.  So have a look and get planning!

Zagreb, Croatia

solo female destinations europe

Zagreb is surprisingly funky. I can only describe the centre part of the city as being very alternative, but without all the hipsters. Most of the coffee shops and bars appear to be unintentionally quirky, which what I loved about Zagreb.

Also, Croatians are just the loveliest people. If you look lost in any way expect a local to ask you if you’re okay. In saying that, it’s a really safe place for solo female adventurers.

Edinburgh, Scotland

solo female destinations europe

Calling all Harry Potter enthusiasts! Edinburgh is a must for you! Built on rolling hills do the granite bricked buildings lie. Cafès, cosy bars and curvy pavements guide you down and around the old town of Edinburgh. Its history consumes you. Queens, plagues and revolutions have ravaged this city. Even if you’re not a history buff, Edinburgh is one of the most intriguing cities out there. Covered in charm and character, come to Edinburgh and you’ll never want to leave.

Berlin, Germany

solo female destinations europe

It’s very hard to stumble into a bad area in Berlin as they’re mostly on the outskirts of the city. However, pick-pockets run rampant amongst the most touristy spots of Mitte, central Berlin. Away from the hustlin’ areas such as the Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint Charle, the Currywurst Museum (lol) you’ll not only be safe but discover the real side of Berlin too!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

solo female destinations europe

Ljubljana is not only one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to but one of the cutest! Even though it’s the capital of Slovenia, it’s not particularly big. But because of its size, it feels more like a cosy countryside town. The streets are lined with colourful buildings following the river, overlooked by a castle which lies on the hills above the town, it’s as picturesque as it sounds! There’s no really bad side of Ljubljana.

Kraków, Poland

solo female destinations europe

The wee city centre of Krakow lies within the walls of the old town, as city it’s incredibly safe. I shamelessly stumbled back to my hostel after a night out: kebab in one hand, shoes in the other. Certainly not the way my Mother raised me but my drunken quest wasn’t disturbed by creatures of the night or trolls under bridges.

Although that was only one night of my stay in Krakow, the other few nights when I returned home (not as blind drunk) I noticed that the streets are quite empty, only to pass the occasional group of over-excited, testosterone filled concerned only with beers and strip clubs.

Killarney, Ireland

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Killarney is home to one of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe which makes for some truly beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to visit if you’ve had enough of the metropolitan side of Europe. The sense of purity, the feeling of being one with nature and the kindness of the locals makes Killarney one of the greatest places to visit if you’re visiting Europe. At night the small town becomes alive to sound of traditional Irish music and the chatter of those out for a pint. All in all, it’s a fantastic place.

Budapest, Hungary

best solo female destinations Europe

Budapest is one of those places you hear from other backpackers to visit. You hear that it’s incredible. It’s beautiful. It’s the craziest place to party. It’s true. The Baroque architecture will keep your eyes busy as you stroll from attraction to attraction. There’s so much to see in Budapest, not just the Parliament Building and Chain Bridge or the Basilica (pictured above here). Such as the ruin bars, the Fisherman’s bastion and catching the sunset on top of Gellèrt hill is extraordinary. As city’s go, Budapest is pretty safe, after living there for 1o months, in which, I never had any trouble!

Split, Croatia

solo female destinations europe

Split was a total surprise for me. I was not expecting this place to be as beautiful as it was in person. The atmosphere remains very laid-back, even in the hustle and bustle of the town centre. I believe it is the combination of white stone architecture which provides that cool feeling on a hot July day and the citizens. The Croatians are very kind, accommodating people. They also love a good chat! Take a walk along the pier, gaze through the crystal clear water and eat seafood (try FiFi’s restaurant, cheap and delicious!). It’s a little piece of heaven on Earth.

So one last piece of advice? Take advantage of the low season and treat yourself to a mini-break in January!

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