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8 Months in Berlin – My Favourite 8 Places to Eat in Berlin

8 months have come and gone, summer has passed and my winter body is coming along nicely. In celebration of said winter body I decided to share some of my favourite places to eat in Berlin. 

Berlin being a multicultural hub you’ll find a healthy mixture of great places to eat. Mention any one one of these places to me and watch my eyes instantaneously light up. Guten Appetit!

8. Piri Burger, Wiener Straße 31

places to eat in Berlin

This glorious hole-in-the-wall across from Görlizter park restored my faith in chicken burgers. The succulent combination of juicy chicken, fresh toppings and spicy sauce is enough to have any burger-lover coming back for more. Not to mention their herbal-doused fries are enough to share between two. The best deal? Piri burger, fries and a beer for 9 quid, worth every penny I say.

7. Hamy’s Vietnamese, Hasenheide 10

Hamy’s holds a dear place in my heart, and it’s not cholesterol I’m talking about. Hamy’s was where my now boyfriend and I’s first kinda date was. The decor isn’t romantic, there are no candles or violin-serenading waiters; but dinner for 5 euro, cheap beer and great service. The perfect spot for any twenty-somethings to relax and enjoy a meal. As for what to eat, my fella always chooses the Pho-Ga and I the dish of the day. After a year of going, we’ve never been disappointed.

6. Burgermeister,Oberbaumstraße 8

I am fully aware and prepared to be clubbed to death by the non-conventional Berliners, but gosh darn it I love Burgermeister. I don’t mind queuing the 30 minutes for that first bite of their divine Bacon-BBQ burger as long as I have a Rothaus beer in hand and good company by my side. It has to be said, for food made in a renovated public bathroom, it tastes mighty fine.

5. Lemongrass, Anklamer Str. 38

For some reason, I decided in mid-June that it was time to find a great curry spot. Maybe it was my will for self-destruction or denial that Berlin’s hot summer doesn’t bother me, but it was at the top of my list. Luckily my work colleagues were obsessed by this Thai spot around the corner from my work. They weren’t wrong, each time I order the Saigon curry (6.50e) and each time it brightens up my work day!

4. Hello Sushi, Neue Bahnhofstraße 36

With a name like “Hello Sushi: I don’t blame you for imagining a hyperactive Japanese restaurant smothered in Hello Kitty knock-off posters with emoji sushi placemats. In reality, it’s quite the opposite.

places to eat in Berlin

This half-sushi/half-Vietnamese spot by Ostkreuz Bahnhof offers some of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted with amazing service! For those living in Berlin wondering where all the friendly staff are, I found them!

As for what to eat? I recommend getting a platter to share. The price range from 15 – 20e, but you’d be surprised how much you get for your money.

3. Käfer, Platz der Republik 1 (The Reichstag)

Have your ambitions in life ever been set by the quality of food you ate that one time? This is what happened when I ate at The Käfer. It was my boyfriend’s and I one year anniversary; the sweet thing that he is brought me for a five-star dinner… which I’ve lusted for ever since. 

places to eat in Berlin

Every single bite was like a beautiful sunrise. Everything from the mashed potatoes to the freakin’ charred lettuce was a gift from the Gods. Obviously, this is not a place the average person can afford each day. But it’s a wonderful place to bring visiting rich relatives or if you want to treat someone. Just make sure to book in advance. 

P.S: It’s on the rooftop of the Reichstag. If the meal wasn’t enough watching the sunset over Berlin afterwards certainly is.

2. Augustiner Brauhaus, Charlottenstraße 55 (Gendarmenmarkt)

My go-to place for traditional German food and beer, let’s not forget the beer. Typically shrouded in tourists, the Augustiner Brauhaus is a safe bet for anyone you may have coming to town. Although, I still go when I’m craving some proper bratwurst and sauer kraut. 

Did I mention they have the best beer here? I love Ausgustiner beer, the restaurant is essentially built on top of their reputation for beautifully brewery beer. Shipped over from Munich in oak casks, hence the extra-special taste. Plus, it’s so easy to get to. I can grab the U-2 to Hausvogteiplatz and walk 200 metres only to indulge myself in the delightful Dunkel beer. A must-try if you ever stop by!

1. Giannis Pasta-Bar, Schönhauser Allee 186A

Another lunchtime favourite. Giannis Pasta-Bar has an amazing lunchtime menu which boasts classic Italians dishes. My personal favourite being the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara (5.50e).

Since my first visit to Italy I have searched great lands to find a decent Carbonara outside Italy; from an M&S microwave meal to pizza places that also serves pasta. I love going to this place, getting a decent lunch without breaking the bank.

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