Why You Shouldn’t Trust All “Things to do in Dublin” Articles

Why You Shouldn’t Trust All “Things to do in Dublin” Articles

If you were born or live in a popular tourist destination the chances are you will read an online article discussing “authentic” things to do or hidden gems in said destination is very likely. I for one, call BS on most of these posts.

As an Irish expat with a Facebook feed, I am subjected to these click-bait articles which are supposed to fill you with pride and a dash of homesickness. Not if you’re from Dublin. 

To be Frank, a slim amount of “authentic” content seems to exist surrounding things to do in Dublin city. Let’s call a case study into action, shall we?

Cheese toasties in Grogan’s 

*Deep breaths*

As a Dubliner and content writer, I am sick of seeing this as an “authentic” thing to do in Dublin.  If you type “cheese toasties in Grogan’s” into Google, there are 11,400 results. 


So there’s some overlapping? That’s natural if the experience is that amazing. Now, cheese toastie’s in Grogan’s are tasty and their Guinness is 10/10.

But that’s not my point, my point is content writing has gotten so lazy that it’s easier to copy content than come up with something authentic. Or at least with some genuine enthusiasm behind it. Don’t believe me? If you type “things to do in Dublin cheese toastie” into Google there are 46,700 results. 


Every single result on the first page is from an online publishing source. Get it together guys. 

I understand that content writers are under a lot of pressure to create content that is relevant, shareable and viral. I’ve been there, I’ve done this before. But you’re not benefiting yourself in doing just that. It’s important to step back once in a while and ask yourself how are you putting your stamp on this topic? You’ll be way more proud of your work and contribution to travel enthusiasts all over the web.

And for the visitors looking for things to do in Dublin? Go to Grogan’s because their toasties are the shit and their Guinness is one of the best in town, but if you really want to do something authentic in Dublin talk to the locals.

Dubliners, and overall the Irish, are friendly people. Speaking on my people’s half we like to help others out. Whether that be a backpacker looking for directions or some weekenders searching for a proper Irish pub. If you’re a bit shy without the drop of the barley I’ve put my two favourite places to hang out when I’m back home below.

Sweeney’s Pub AKA. Dame Lane.

If you want to sample the city’s people head to Dame Lane. This skinny lane has numerous bars along it. But the nature of the Irish nightlife means that most of the party takes place outdoors, even when it’s absolutely baltic outside. 

Behind the hippie-dippy bar Sweeney’s you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Dublin’s creative communities: hippies, musicians, thespian’s alike gather here for the craic. To drink, I recommend the ginger ale and whiskey cocktail for five euro a pop. With music flowing from the inside onto the lane, you’ll be submerged in good company and good craic.


Whelan’s is one of the most popular joints for a joint in Dublin. The rock’n’roll bar boasts guests such as Arctic Monkeys, Damien Rice and Irish pop-royalty- The Corrs.

What I love about this place is that it’s a no fuss bar, which provides a laid-back atmosphere. Booming out of the speakers are rock classics, mixed with early Gorillaz tracks and Blur anthems. Not to mention they can pull a decent pint of Guinness. All in all, it’s impossible to have a bad night here.

That’s all from me at this moment. Lazy Gal out.

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