My Top Travel Destinations for 2017 (With Costs)

My Top Travel Destinations for 2017 (With Costs)

New year. New destinations. Let’s do it.

Check out my top travel destinations below!

I like to spend a fair amount of my spare time playing “travel agent”. Pretty self-explanatory, but yes I will spend hours researching every wonderful aspect of that destination. Whether it’s a city break or a journey across the globe, if the place is in my interests I will make an itinerary and keep it in mind.

What stops me from going absolutely everywhere? The costs. I never really write that part down. But 2017 is here and I’m ready to get my shit together.

Below I’ve listed my ideal destinations for 2017 along with itinerary details and different ways I’m saving money to go achieve my travel goals. I’ve researched each place to visit heavily so the costs are fairly accurate. Another thing to keep in mind that my budget fluctuates based on the destination; from backpacker to mid-range.

May you read forth and feel inspired. ✈️

My Top Travel Destinations 2017

Lisbon, Portugal (Booked!)

travel trends 2017

Pictured above: One of the many beautiful streets in Lisbon. 

How many nights: 4.

Best time to go: January-May, October – December.

Transport budget: Flights from Berlin cost 55 euro.

Accommodation budget: Suite bedroom at Passport Hostel cost 116 euro per person sharing.

Top Activities: Lisbon Aquarium (voted best in the world), learn how to bake Portuguese custard tarts, take a day trip to the colourful Sintra castle and eating as much seafood as humanly possible.

Total costs (incl. shits’n’giggles): 350 euro.

Alpine Lakes, Germany

travel trends 2017

Pictured above: St. Bartholomew’s Church in Bavaria, a region in South Germany.

How many nights: 4.

Best time to go: June-September.

Transport budget: 50-100 euro, depending on train or bus travel.

Accommodation budget: 120 euro in total for four nights.

Top activities: Hiking, chilling out, cycling, more chilling out.

Total costs (incl. shits’n’giggles): 350 euro.

New York, USA

travel trends 2017

Pictured above: One World Trade Centre.

How many nights: 5-7.

Best time to go: September-October.

Transport budget: 450-550 euro.

Accommodation budget: 650 euro.

Top Activities: See Van Gogh’s Starry Night in MOMA, delve into the city’s history, eat a slice of proper New York pizza,  Central Park, see a show on Broadway, check out why Brooklyn is so popular and, of course, pretend I’m in Sex and the City. 🍸

Total costs (incl. shits’n’giggles): 2000 euro.

Hamburg, Germany

travel trends 2017

Pictured above: Hamburg docklands.

How many nights: 2.

Best time to go: June-August.

Transport budget: 30 euro.

Accommodation budget: 70 euro in total.

Top Activities: Explore the docks, go ship spotting and embrace the city’s nightlife.

Total costs (incl. shits’n’giggles): 200 euro.



Pictured above: a view of the Atlas mountains.

How many nights: 5-10 nights.

Best time to go: March-May and October-December.

Transport budget: 150 euro.

Accommodation budget: 250 euro in total.

Top Activities: Explore Marrakesh, kick-back in a Riad, go on a camel ride in the Sahara, see the Atlas mountains and photograph Chefchaouen.

Total costs (incl. shits’n’giggles): 1000 euro.

Different ways to save money to go see the world

New year new you right? I’ve always been bad at saving and I really don’t know where my money goes. But for 2017 I’ve come up with some ways on saving cash from the get go.

Giving myself a weekly budget: Saying no to myself is hard. I buy what I want, when I want it. With little thinking about budget. So from now on I have a weekly budget and this includes…

Not eating out: I like pizza. I like sushi. I like burritos. I like eating my money. So I’m cutting out the restaurants this January in favour of hopefully eating in other destinations.

Dry January: I gave up alcohol for two weeks in November. As sad a time that may seem, I felt amazing doing it! So I’m doing it again, for a whole month.

Less partying, more learning: On February 8th I will have my Berlin-anniversary. As my German is still woeful, I’ll be taking advantage of the long, dark nights to educate myself on the magical language that is Deutsche.

That’s all folks!

If y’all have some great saving tips and/or advice about any of the destinations I mentioned about I’d love to hear it! Just holla at me in the comments section. 🙂

Last but not least, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a badass 2017. All the very best and let me know where you want to travel to in 2017.

Lazy Gal Out.



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